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Welcome to the magazine produced exclusively for the London Insurance Market - the home of global insurance and reinsurance. Market People Magazine aims to bring amazing content and cutting edge features directly to professionals working in the heart of London’s historic financial district.
Our magazine embraces the whole community from industry professionals to the thousands of people who provide essential products and services, ranging from legal, IT and consultancy businesses to restaurants, food outlets and fitness centres. This publication brings the community together as one - it is truly a Market where the people are the most important asset, and Market People Magazine celebrates this.

Issue Four

Welcome to this very Special Edition of the Market People Magazine, the official publication of LMForums, written and produced for insurance professionals and those with an interest in the sector. Staying informed and connected with the Market has never been more important, so in this Summer 2020 edition, we have tried to cover many of the key topics discussed and debated at the numerous London Market Forums virtual roundtables, over the last few months of remote working.
We are very proud of this “Working From Home” edition, featuring a range of thought-provoking industry content, as well as the ever popular, lifestyle section. We asked some of our Market friends to tell us about their Working from Home (WFH) experience and how lockdown has impacted them. Life has changed for all of us over the last few months, but the London Market has continued to push forward and has adjusted well, although LMForums Members tell us that they are anxious to return to EC3. That being said, a return to “business as usual” seems highly unlikely.
The role that technology has played during this period of remote working cannot be overstated, with companies progressively using new and existing technologies in order to stay connected with their staff and offer their clients the best possible service. We’ve come a long way, but it remains to be seen if our race for digitalisation continues at the same pace when we return to the workplace. We’ve added a special “Cyber” section this time to reflect the activity and importance of this topic – it’s something that impacts us equally in the workplace and at home.
COVID-19 has also had some positive impacts too, with our planet and wildlife being given a brief chance to breathe – we look at this with the help of our new environmental correspondent.
This is our most content rich edition ever – we hope you enjoy reading it. Please share a copy with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your feedback. Most importantly, do take care and stay healthy.

Our Audience

A high proportion of our readers are ABC1 category, senior level executives and highly experienced qualified professionals, along with an expanding group of graduates. In the older demographic (40+) there is a large propotion of white male individuals but the diversity of the target readership increases within the younger segment.

A reasonable percentage of professionals within the circulation reach of this magazine full into the top 10% of UK earners. The London Insurance Market generates 3% of the UK’s GDP. Disposable income from this geographic segment is considerably above national average.

Our readership profile is approximately:
  • Insurers 45%
  • Brokers 25%
  • Institutions (Lloyd's etc) 15%
  • Service Providers 15%
The Market for this publication has approximately 35,000 individual employees within around 600 companies. Many of the world’s leading insurers and brokers are headquartered in this geography.

Magazine Circulation

The magazine will be complimentary to most readers but will have a cover price of £3 and will be available to purchase. The print circulation of the magazine is 8,000 which will be professionally distributed to offices, lobbies, restaurants and other public places in the Square Mile. This will be supported by an online version which will be distributed to all LMForums club members and thousands of other insurance professionals in the City of London.
We will also be supplying copies of our magazine to every attendee at every event that we host, ensuring continuous and ongoing readership. The magazine will initially be published quarterly, resulting in extended advertising coverage for contributors.